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    Changing Automotive industry with state-of-the-art solutions
    by the virtue of KieKie.

About KieKie

KieKie PVT. LTD. Recently incorporated in the year of 2022. A breakthrough in the realms of Automotive industry with state-of-the-art solutions which were never thought of or heard of; now made possible by the virtue of KieKie.

A company built upon pillars of trust and reliability with love from two friends ready to make a change in the ecosystem with their sustainable & patented products.

One of the fastest budding start-ups of 2022 with more than 10+ awards within a span of 7 months. KieKie brings to you the perfect blend of Safety X Convenience.

Our products include

  • Vehicle Horn Control Assembly
  • Automatic Stand System
  • And many more upcoming – Shhhh; It’s a secret!!

    Real world problems

    We are on a mission to solve real-world problems and provide affordable life saving solutions through technology and innovation


    Our inventions are patented, we have patent (394864) for invention VHCA & (410408) for ASSEMBLY FOR RETRACTION OF SIDE STAND

    B2B & B2G

    Currently focusing on B2B channels and working with B2G to provide solutions that are cost-efficient, scalable and sustainable

    Patent Inprogress
    Granted Patent
    First Funded in

    Dreaming Chronicles :)

    Ravinder Bishnoi founder Kiekie

    Ravinder Bishnoi

    Founder & CEO

    Shubh Sarpal

    Shubh Sarpal

    Founder & MD


    KieKie PVT LTD

    Our Team includes people with not only a good idea for a business but also with management skills, experience and a vision for growth. We are always open to hear your ideas and responding flexibility to potential changes.

    Members of our team are not only concerned about established roles and procedures, instead do whatever it takes to get things done. We're on a mission to make this world a better place to live in with our innovative ideas and are committed to building for a more sustainable future together. We are the people who can clearly identify weakness and then find ways to turn them into strength

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